Accepted position papers

Rory ClarkUtilising Ethnographic Methodologies to Ensure Sustained Adoption of Digital Systems In Healthcare Environments
Melina PetsolariAffective Natural Language Processing: An Approach to Mental Health Prevention
Yinchu Li and Regina BernhauptLeveraging Data Physicalization in Healthcare Digital Twins Enhancing Understanding and Interaction
Anastasiya Zakreuskaya and Stefano BonacinaUnderstanding methods of assessing health intervention behavior through data-driven approaches
Hamzah ZiadehDesigning Conversational Agents for Supporting Clinicians’ Exploration of Care Quality Data
Akhona Cikizwa Khumalo and Ala Sarah AlaqraInclusive Conversational Agents and Patient Data Use for R&D in Sweden
Isabel Schwaninger, Fozia Noor, Marijus Giraitis and Jochen KluckenUnderstanding Diverse Needs to Design Personalized Data-Driven Health Interfaces for People with Parkinson’s Disease
Eszter VighEngagement and Motivation in Alcohol Purchasing Behavior Change: Applying Response Models on AI Driven Platforms
Yongnam Jung, Jiaqi Bao, and S. Shyam SundarMotivation vs. Privacy Concerns in Health Interface: How Does Interactivity Play a Role?
Jan David Smeddinck“That’s What It Told Me”: On the Need of Understanding Justification Practices and Accountability in Decision Support Systems in Digital Health
Ala Sarah Alaqra, Farzaneh Karegar and Simone Fischer-HübnerCommunicating the Privacy Functionality of PETs to eHealth Stakeholders
Tom Ongwere and Annu Sible PrabhakarExploring Systems to Support Patients with Discordant Chronic Comorbidities to Self-Manage and Communicate With their Multiple Healthcare Providers
Humphrey CurtisLeveraging Data to Validate the Efficacy of AAC Interventions
Emily NielsenMotivations of Technology Use in Undiagnosed Rare Disease Patients
Stephan Huber, Nathalie Papenfuß, Tobias Grundgeiger, Johannes Basch and Oliver HappelHiring an AI: The Design of an Artificial Team-Member for Anesthesiology
Milo SkovfogedThe lack of psychological, behavioural, and adherence theories in designing data-driven conversational agent interfaces
Zhiqiang Huo, Timothy Neate, Iain Marshall, Martin Chapman and Vasa CurcinDesigning User-centred Patient Portal for Stoke Patients: Challenges in Accessibility, Engagement, and Interpretability
Diogo Branco, Tiago Guerreiro, Kyle Montague, Luís Carvalho, Lorelle Dismore, Richard Walker, Dan Jackson, Raquel Bouça and Joaquim FerreiraDemocratizing Data-Driven Healthcare
Henrik Mucha, Arno Appenzeller, Marie Bommersheim and Kai WesterkampResearch on Clinical Decision Support Systems in Karlsruhe, Germany
Arngeir Berge, Frode Guribye, Siri-Linn Schmidt Fotland, Gro Fonnes, Ingrid Hjulstad Johansen and Christoph TrattnerHuman-Driven Clinical Assessments: Telephone Triage Supported by Artificial Intelligence
Irina Bianca Serban, Steven Houben, Sara Colombo and Aarnout BrombacherDesign for telemonitoring of master athletes with coronary artery disease
Niels van Berkel, Sander de Jong, Joel Wester and Naja Kathrine Kollerup AlsThe Challenge of Bias Mitigation in Clinical AI Decision Support: A Balance Between Decision Efficiency and Quality
Patrizia Di Campli San VitoRadioMe – Adaptive Radio for People with Dementia
Jue Xie, Gemma Sharp, Kathleen de Boer, Pranita Shrestha and Roisin McNaneyCo-designing a conversational AI-driven single session assessment and psychoeducation intervention for eating disorders
Sophia Sakel, Florian Bemmann and Sven MayerExploring Data-Driven Approaches to Support Depression Therapy
Bilal Maqbool and Sebastian HeroldImproving Usability Evaluation in Digital Healthcare: A Data-Driven Approach through User-Centred Design
Karin Ahlin, Johan Högberg and Erik WästlundRecentering Caregivers: Real-Time Data-Driven Healthcare Visualizations
Yunjie Liu, W. F. Goevaerts, N.C.C.W. Tenbült – Van Limpt, Max V. Birk, Hareld M.C. Kemps, Yuan LuSelf-care Empowerment: Leveraging Conversational User Interfaces to Support Dietary Behavior Monitoring and Reflection